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ABA 101 serves as a continuation from ABA 100. With this training, you’ll discover more about the science behind ABA therapy and explore ways to provide meaningful instruction using the VB-MAPP and Essential for Living. $29.99 per year per user with discounts available.

Applied Behavior Analysis 101 web-based training

Does your learner need an Alternative Method of Speaking?

Determining if a Child or an Adult
Can Use or Begin to Use Spoken Words Effectively
or Needs An Alternative Method of Speaking

When a child or an adult is not using spoken words effectively, or not at all, review the Six Vocal Profiles described below and determine which profile most accurately describes this individual. These six profiles were developed by Janine Shapiro, a speech-language pathologist and behavior analyst with extensive experience with children who have limited or no spoken-word repertoires. These profiles will help you determine if a child or an adult needs an alternative method of speaking and what procedures might be helpful in encouraging the further development of spoken words.

The Six Vocal Profiles are also described in the Essential for Living Teaching Manual, pp. 9-12, and the Essential for Living Practitioner’s Handbook, pp. 49-53, , along with a comprehensive array of functional, life skills and teaching procedures with which instruction should begin and continue throughout the life span of children and adults with limited skill repertoires.

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Vocal Profiles

Review these six vocal profiles and then click "next" to use the decision tree to decide on the appropriate vocal profile with which to align for your child or adult.

For more detailed information on these vocal profiles and how to advance a learner from one vocal profile to another, please see pages 47-53 of ‘Essential for Living: The Practitioner’s Handbook’ and pages 9-12 of “Essential for Living: The Teaching Manual”

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Select Vocal Profile

Does the learner RELIABLY (almost every time) repeat sounds, words, or approximations Click here for examples

Does the learner repeat most sounds and words in a way that unfamiliar listeners can understand?

Does the learner SOMETIMES name parts of items, request information, AND answer several type of questions?

Profile 1

Profile 2

Profile 4

Has the learner spontaneously produced at least 5 different words in the last week?

Would an unfamiliar listener understand these words?

Profile 3

Profile 5

Profile 6

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AMS Vocal Profile Conclusion


The child or adult is beginning to use or can use spoken words effectively and does not need an alternative method of speaking at this time

More Information

If a Child or an Adult Already has an Alternative Method of Speaking, Determining the Effectiveness of This Method and if This Method is Likely to last a Lifetime:

Many children and adults do not use spoken words effectively, or at all, and currently have an alternative method of speaking. Many of these methods are either ineffective or not likely to last a lifetime. An ineffective method is one that does not permit a child or an adult to make requests without a struggle. A method that is not likely to last a lifetime is one that does NOT meet three guidelines we strongly recommend:

Continuously Available
Frequently used,
and Effortless (summarized by the acronym CAFE).

If one or more young children with whom you are working has an alter-native method of speaking that is ineffective or not likely to last a lifetime, you should strongly consider selecting and ‘adding' a new alternative method of speaking. If this new method is effective and likely to last a lifetime, you may want to consider gradually ‘replacing’ the current method with the new one.

If you are working with an older child or an adult, especially one who has had an alternative method of speaking for many years, you may want to consider either selecting and ‘adding’ a new method of speaking ‘without replacing’ the current one or making adjustments to the current method to improve its effectiveness or to increase the likelihood it will last a lifetime.

This information is also described in the Essential for Living Practitioner’s Handbook, pp. 65-67…

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Determining the Individual Child or Adult’s
Sensory, Skill, and Behavioral Repertoire

If an individual child or adult needs an alternative method of speaking, this tool continues by asking you to specify their sensory, skill, and behavioral repertoire. This repertoire will then be compared to those that occur when each of 46 alternative methods of speaking are effective, resulting in a list of methods ranked from most-to-least with respect to matching this individual’s repertoire. This tool also specifies from most-to-least the extent to which advantages of spoken word are retained by each of these methods. And, finally, this tool specifies whether each method tends to result in a large audience, including unfamiliar people, or a small audience comprised almost exclusively of familiar people. In sum, this tool provides for your consideration a list of alternative methods of speaking that are consistent with an individual child or adult’s skill repertoire, that provide as many advantages of spoken words as possible, and that indicate the size of the audience that might be expected.

The Child's or Adult's sensory skill and behavioral repertorie

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About ABA 101

ABA 101 applies the same approach as ABA 100 in the introduction of concepts. This means providing information in easily digestible segments to promote knowledge retention. The goal is to arm educators, parents, and ABA professionals with real-world skills that can be applied to creating effective programs for your students with ASD and other developmental disabilities.

Some of our Features

Learn how to focus on observable behaviors

Gain insight into error correction techniques

Discover how errorless teaching and behavior replacement benefit learners

Experience engaging video instruction in this eight-hour course

More On ABA 101

ABA 101 is a self-paced, unlimited usage, training course with over 300 video examples and learning-enhancing exercises to ensure that the staff at your clinic, school or center have the skills and resources necessary to follow through meaningfully in applied behavior analysis environments. All key skills like errorless teaching, reinforcement and teaching replacement behaviors are covered in a non-intimidating way.

The real value of aba 100 is that it can bring families, children, educators, and aba professionals closer together. it’s this bond that helps to solidify real connections in education, making the process of improving verbal behavior development much easier for all involved. when a child feels comfortable in their learning environment, they are more likely to retain the lessons being taught and succeed in using the skills they gain.

More On ABA 101

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