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Intro to the science
of ABA for caregivers and parents

This informative training introduces the VB-MAPP and EFL assessments to educators, parents, and ABA professionals. Discover the most effective ways that these ABA tools and resources can help learners succeed and grow.

Intro to the science of ABA for caregivers and parents
~ Data Makes The Difference ~

About ABA 100

This training is free for all caregivers of learners with special needs and serves as a starting point on your journey to provide meaningful learning experiences that foster personal development and growth in the face of a diagnosis. This training is absolutely free and can be started and accessed by creating a free account at and then going to the My Training section of the app. There you will see a link for ABA 100.

Some learning objectives

Learn to manage

Hear engaging personal stories

Discover which assessment is right for your child’s unique learning needs

Bridge the gap between school and home

The ABA 100 Course
~ A course to get you started ~

The ABA 100 Course

Learning through the experiences of others forms a personal connection to the topics being taught. The purpose of ABA 100 is to give an introduction to the VB-MAPP and Essential for Living tools and the science of applied behavior analysis in a way that makes everyone feel comfortable and involved. Being inundated with too much information at once often leads to lowered retention, so ABA 100 provides the basics while also setting the tone for what to expect during your next steps.

The real value of ABA 100 is that it can bring families, children, educators, and ABA professionals closer together. It bridges the gap between school and home and the community. When caregivers are empowered and understand the assessment, programming and teaching environment, the same behavior and communication standards can apply regardless of the learners location. This consistency makes the process of improving verbal behavior development much easier for all involved. When a child sees that the same rules apply no matter where they are, they can more easily extend new skills across the natural environment. ABA 100 enables caregivers to understand the science of ABA and Verbal Behavior to be able to understand what is happening in the classroom and how the same techniques can be used at home leading to better outcomes.

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At Data Makes The Difference, we pride ourselves on offering top-quality training programs created and maintained by professional Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs).They work with the board on selected courses, including those offering CEUs. We provide a safe space for learning and encourage users to reach out with any questions.

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How to sign up:

Sign up for the VB-MAPP App, create an organization and then head on over to ‘my training’ and click go to training. 

Watch this short tutorial and follow along and if you have any questions feel free to contact us

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