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Our Mission Is To

Empower Educators of Learners Of All Abilities

We are committed to leading the way in ABA assessment and training services that help achieve the best outcomes for your learners.

Patrick Mcgreevy, Mark Sundberg, Troy Fry and Liz Maher
~ Data Makes The Difference ~

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower caregivers of learners with special needs via technology to provide innovative and engaging time-saving tools as well as providing training to expand their learning and growth. We strive to transform how we support individuals who take care of and work with learners with autism and other disabilities by offering accessible, up-to-date resources that enhance their ability to assess, program for, and report progress so that our users can focus all their attention on working with their learners in order to help them reach their full potential.

~ Data Makes The Difference ~

Founders Of Data Makes Difference

Steve Maher (President)
Steve Maher (President)

Steve has been a systems administrator for the past 30 years. Steve has consulted for dozens of organizations including the US Navy, Bell Atlantic, The NY Times, Credit Suisse and the United Nations Population Fund. Steve now manages the development of the VB-MAPP App on behalf of Dr. Sundberg as well as the Essential for Living App for Dr. McGreevy and Troy Fry. Steves focus is to develop time saving tools that assist ABA professionals by automating tasks that save practitioners time and helping learners around the world get an appropriate assessment and curriculum to help them achieve the best possible outcomes.

Steve and Liz got married in 1995, and have dedicated their lives and careers to fight for scientific, data driven ABA therapy and related services that meet the needs of all learners and their specific needs including their daughter Sarah.

Steve and Liz saw needs in the ABA community and continue to develop new services to help these most vulnerable members of our society.

Liz Maher, MEd, BCBA (Lead Clinician)

Liz has been a Board Certified Behavior Analyst since 2008.  Liz and Steve are also parents of two young adults.  Their oldest child, Sarah, is now 27 years old and was diagnosed with autism in 1998.

Liz has not only had experience being a mother to a child with autism, but has spent close to 15 years providing consultation to teachers in Pennsylvania on Applied Behavior Analysis and Skinner’s Analysis of Verbal Behavior.

Liz, along with her husband Steve, created the company DataMTD which produces the VB-MAPP App for Dr. Mark Sundberg, as well as the EFL App for Dr. Patrick McGreevy and Troy Fry.  Together, Steve and Liz, have created a company that not only provides electronic apps but also provides online and onsite training on these amazing assessments as well as training on basic Applied Behavior Analysis principles and procedures.

Liz is passionate about training people on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis in a non intimidating way, and helping people who work and live with children and adults with autism understand how the science can not only make their children’s’ lives better but also their own.

Liz Maher, MEd, BCBA (Lead Clinician)
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