Early Echoic Skills
and Program Planner

The EESAPP App (Early Echoic Skills Assessment and Program Planner) is designed to support professionals in assessing and developing echoic skills in learners.

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About the EESA APP

Most humans learn to speak quite easily, with no special training. For those who don’t, the task falls to others, who may find it beyond daunting to figure out where to start. But, in fact, there’s no reason that we should expect ourselves to know how to do this. Speech teaching and jump-starting early vocalizations are not intuitive. The Early Echoic Skills Assessment and Program Planner (EESA) is aimed at making this process a little easier.

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Early Echoic Skills Assessment and Program Planner App

The EESAPP App's intuitive learner interface seamlessly adapts to any device - phone, tablet or desktop. Streamline early echoic skills assessments and manage all your learners through one centralized, mobile-friendly platform, accessible anytime, anywhere!

With the EESAPP App's highly responsive design, conduct assessments, review progress reports, schedule activities and track goals equally effortlessly across smartphones, tablets and computers! The consistent experience ensures smooth learner management workflows whether you're at home, in the classroom or "on the go".

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Only Approved App by Barbara Esch

Dr. Barbara Esch

By aligning with Dr. Esch's renowned principles and techniques, the EESAPP App ensures that practitioners and families can confidently rely on an app that reflects the highest standards of the industry. No other solution offers such a direct connection to the pioneering work and insights of this distinguished authority.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Early Echoic Skills Assessment and Program Planner (EESAPP), also known as the Early Echoic Skills Assessment (EESA), is a specialized tool developed by Dr. Barbara Esch, a renowned speech-language pathologist and behavior analyst. This tool is designed to evaluate and enhance the early vocal imitation skills in children, particularly those with autism and other developmental disabilities.

The EESA assesses a child’s ability to imitate vocalizations, a fundamental skill in the development of verbal behavior. Based on the assessment results, the program planner offers a structured approach to improving the child’s vocal imitation skills.

The Early Echoic Skills Assessment (EESA) app is a comprehensive tool designed to enhance the process of evaluating and developing vocal imitation skills in learners, particularly those with autism or other developmental disabilities. The app allows users to record the learner’s vocal responses and score them accurately, marking each syllable of test items as correct or incorrect. This precise scoring ensures detailed feedback and progress tracking.

In addition to scoring, the EESA app provides features for transcription, allowing you to transcribe and analyze the learner’s vocalizations. You can also take detailed notes and listen back to recordings, facilitating thorough review and feedback. The app automates the results, generating a comprehensive work packet that includes all assessment data and suggested areas for improvement. This automation minimizes errors and reduces the need for manual data entry.

Furthermore, the app includes user-friendly tool tips and a beta feature for auto-transcribing, which converts spoken responses into text, enhancing efficiency. The EESA app is designed to streamline the assessment process, making it more accurate and efficient, and ultimately supporting educators, therapists, and parents in providing high-quality care and intervention.

Your learner’s audio recordings are securely stored on Data Makes the Difference’s HIPAA-compliant infrastructure. This ensures that all audio data, like all other learner data, is encrypted and protected in accordance with the strictest privacy and security standards. You also have the option to easily delete any audio recordings at any time, giving you full control over your learner’s information. Our commitment to data security ensures that your learner’s assessments remain confidential and protected.

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