Early Echoic Skills Assessment and Program Planner


The EESA e-guide provides information on the importance of echoic skills in vocal-verbal language assessment and training.

Having strong echoic skills can support and fast-track the acquisition of other spoken language skills, in contexts that are often more powerful ...

This ebook is protected by copyright law and contains information. Unauthorized distribution, reproduction, or sharing of any part of this ebook, in any form, is strictly prohibited. The information contained in this ebook is for general informational purposes only.

The EESA Guide, helps teach and includes echoic skills assessment, program planning guide, and materials resource. Throughout, a behavioral training approach is explained, so users can design fun (reinforcing) and effective speech-language programs for their learners.

The EESA Guide includes:
  • Introduction.

    Discusses the behavioral and mechanical basis for speech development.

  • Syllable Complexity.

    Discusses the behavioral and mechanical basis for speech development.

  • EESA Pretest.

    Determines if a learner is ready for the full EESA-R test.

  • Program and IEP Planning.

    Discusses skills to strengthen and IEP goal planning.

  • Appendix A.

    Contains supplementary forms and materials.

  • Appendix B.

    Responds to Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Appendix C.

    Offers information abo

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