Jennifer Hines,

M.Ed., BCBA, LBA-Texas, Ph.D Candidate

30+ years of experience

“If you are seeking an experienced behavior analyst, as a parent, neurodiverse individual, colleague, a member of a school district, residential center, non-profit, or government agency, I am here to help. I have been working in the field of neurodevelopmental disorders for 30 years, and have extensive experience working with individuals of all ages and severities.”

John McElwee

John McElwee


40+ Years

I am a BCBA w over 40 years experience providing services to individuals w ASD and Individuals w ID. My main focus of expertise is the development of fluent language/communication/Verbal Behavior in youngsters especially preschoolers. My scope of practice specializes in developing generative language. I can provide consultation and training for staff to establish the necessary skill set to produce optimal outcomes for their clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The VB-MAPP and Essential for Living apps are educational tools designed for teachers of individuals with developmental disabilities, including autism and related disorders.

The VB-MAPP App is a criterion-referenced developmental assessment tool, curriculum guide, and skill-tracking system that is designed to assess children with autism, and other individuals who demonstrate language delays.

The Essential for Living App is a comprehensive function-based assessment tool for teachers to help individuals learn daily living skills, such as communication, self-care, and social skills. There may come a time in a learner’s life when catching up to typically developing peers and using a developmental assessment is no longer appropriate. Using a function-based assessment and curriculum that continues to work on communication may be what is needed.

DataMTD offers both* types of assessments/curricula as apps. The goal of our apps is to save time by automating some of the processes so team members can spend more time working with their learners than on paperwork.

Our VB-MAPP and EFL apps offer several advantages over the traditional print books.

  • The apps allow users to access all of the same content in a more interactive and engaging format. The apps also 
  • They feature automated reporting and scoring, eliminating manual and time-consuming tasks.
  • Information is easily accessible at the moment it is needed, without the need to search through pages. 
  • They include progress reports and video examples that help guide users through each step. Additionally, 
  • Videos within the apps demonstrate how to conduct assessments, providing hands-on learning opportunities for newer staff. 
  • Our apps also offer the ability to share access digitally with others, enabling collaboration with unlimited team members at no additional cost. 


All this makes our apps a convenient and cost-effective solution for all your assessment needs!

The VB-MAPP and Essential for Living apps can be incredibly beneficial for a wide range of individuals including parents, clinicians, practitioners, psychologists, speech-language pathologists, para-educators, and classroom support staff. 

These apps offer several key benefits including their time-saving features, the assessor’s ability to share information with others, and the generation of editable progress reports. These features make the apps an essential tool for anyone working with children who need support in their development. 

With “How To” and “Show me” video examples integrated into every step, these apps provide a comprehensive and convenient resource for improving the lives of learners. 

Additionally, the ability to collaborate and share learner data digitally with an unlimited number of team members at no cost makes the apps an even more powerful tool for supporting learners and their families.

To access the VB-MAPP and Essential for Living apps, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a free account for the VB-MAPP app at or for the Essential for Living app at
  2. For those using an iPhone, iPad or Mac, the VB-MAPP APP is available on the App Store.
  3. Take a look around and explore the features of the app.
  4. If you require a free license, simply contact us at
  5. For more information and support, you can visit our guide section at

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